Paint and Love can def go together as this two can show. I have to be honest though, this has been in my own personal bucket list and as a Wedding and Portrait Photographer having an Engagement Session like this is a dream come true.

Plus I love when my Couples come up with their own crazy Ideas, most specially involving things that I have never done. I will be even more honest and say that I thought this would not work, but Praise the Lord for Jessica and Jon’s willingness to stick with this Idea ( and for finding a great and hidden location for this!! ).

I am smiling with a huge grin while writing this as I cannot wait to start Editing their Wedding  but this will suffice in the meantime, me thinks. So with much Fanfare and gusto I present you my very first Paint Engagement Session.

Thank you again Jess and Jon for allowing me to do this with you both, most specially to you Jess for suggesting the idea in the first place!