Hipster Couples are my thing. I don’t know why, maybe is the fact that they look extremely cool or maybe it’s because they are so genuine. Combine that with a couple that has Christ as their Savior ( and also have PBJ Sandwiches as their first communion ) and you have a very Unique Wedding in your hands.

Which is what happened on a very cloudy and moody Saturday in Erie, Pa. I was seriously thanking the Lord for such an awesome and fitting day to photograph this wedding. Mackenzie looked beautiful on her unique Wedding Gown and Andrew had a look and feel of a Groom in Love.

My thanks to both Mackenzie and Andrew for allowing such a great opportunity and to the Lord for allowing us to meet in the first place. Not only were you my  first wedding of this season but also my very first Hipster couple, you guys were def Godsend. May the Lord bless you both as you continue in this amazing adventure called marriage.

My thanks also goes the both of the families of the groom and bride for all the help they provided as well as my awesome second shooter Ashlee Carroza.

Thank you again and here comes to the next adventure!