It’s a great thing when you have the perfect day, with an equally awesome person to photograph. And my friend here was certainly that awesome of a person.



My goal for this year is to learn and increase my portrait selection and I am eternally thankful to Erin for her time and willingness to help achieve that. As I mentioned many time Portraits are extremely fun to do and they are close to my heart.



I am happy that we chose the Strip District for our photo location, I am hoping to bring more of my clients here, specially High School Seniors ( that’s right! You read it right ). with a beautiful overcast day and great location, I cannot be happier with the results.



A very special thanks to both Ashley and Erin for their help, insight and great ideas. For Erin again, you were extremely awesome to work with, and as always praises to the Lord for an awesome day and for making this happen.


And here is to more wonderful adventures!