Last year I had the pleasure to know this wonderful couple, I knew right away after that Panera meeting I would enjoy every minute of working and serving them. And I am glad I was not wrong.



On a beautiful fall day last year we met at the Frick Museum, I have always wanted to shoot there and little would have know that It would become my most favorite place to go.  Oh, and there is also a cool Cat there by the name of Luke which made this session even more magical.




I always encourage my couple to be themselves in front of my camera, my goal is always to capture the intimacy , chemistry and love between them. With these two there was no trying. as it was there from the beginning and what a joy it was to capture it.



And now I am counting the days in which by God’s grace I will photograph their wedding. It has a pleasure and a blessing to have know them both and to really call them friends and family in Christ.



My biggest Thanks to both Jenna and Victor for their amazing trust and prayers and above all for the chance to do this for them. Also kudos to Shannon DeMateo for the amazing referral, you rock sister! And above all to the Lord all glory for He made this happen!


August cannot come soon enough….