By all accounts this is truly my first out of state wedding and the Lord blessed with a beautiful couple to have this experience with. It was a first for me in many ways, I was trying a new style of editing and posing. And I’d love the results afterwards, I know you will too as I share the highlights of this beautiful wedding.



Departing Pittsburgh on a beautiful Saturday Morning, Ashley ( my amazing second photographer ) and I arrived to Gabriela’s house with little inconvenience. After knocking on the door and being allowed in, we introduced ourselves to Gabriela’ family.  I was surprised when Gabriela’s mom Ana, introduced herself in perfect Spanish, later on I found out she was born in Latino America! This day was getting better and better by the minute.




This was a beautiful home to photograph ( I won’t lie when I say that my goal now is to own a place like this ) and Gabriela’s family were the most welcoming. After a few more introductions we quickly went to work on photographing the Wedding Dress and Jewelry. I was delighted to find out that this dress once belonged to Gabriela’s Grandmother. I felt really honored to be allow to photograph it. Not to mention the chance to be there to capture a few extra surprise gifts and of course the reaction that follow. I was the start of a great day indeed.



There is no enough words to express the joy of photographing a bride as beautiful as my friend here. To catch that vibrancy and excitement for the day ahead is the dream of every photographer. My thanks and praises to my Lord above for such a great time.




Wrapping up in the house and with a huge smile in our face we headed out the church to catch up with Mike and his groomsmen before the ceremony started. Mike was extremely cool to photograph! Or as as someone commented to me once on my page ” He has the 007 look”. I totally agree.



Having two photographers on set really allows me to be in more places than one. As I have mentioned many times capturing the moment is what really counts. From walking down aisle to the moment in which two families become one. This is what makes a story like this so much incredible to capture.




The rest of the ceremony was beautiful to capture as well. Always looking to get the right timing and the right expression. Moments like this is what I want to excel at.



And all leading up to the first kiss as Husband and Wife..



From here on we headed to the venue to do some more portraits before the reception started. This is always my mos favorite part of the day, first to photograph this incredible wedding party ( Oh yeah, Mike is a Firefighter so we did play with a fire truck of course ). Yep, these guys are the best.



And then there is the newly wed couple. I am extremely of how these images turn out and the location of course was perfect.



The rest of the afternoon was full of delight! After the introduction, first dance and some great speeches ( including a surprise song for both Mike & Gaby ) we sat down for a great meal  and we relaxed for a bit. Some crazy dancing was to follow along with another surprise, one that was also a first for me.



And as were closing down this amazing day, I had the chance to photograph something that has been a dream of mine for a long time: Sparkles! Yes, a sparkle exit was def one of the things I can take off from my own photo bucket list! It was so great to finally experience this and what a way to end this day!!



And as closed down this story, my greatest thanks go to both Mike & Gabriela as well as their families for allowing me to photograph their amazing day. And of course to my Lord upstairs for another great adventure and another story to tell.

Many blessings to the bride and groom, your journey has just begun.