My amazing couple here had an equally amazing wedding day with an even more amazing venue ( the word amazing will be overuse here but really the truth is that awesome. ). All in all we had an incredible day that I am excited to share to day ( finally ! ) .



It was a beautiful day in July and the sun was already shinning brightly outside, the drive there was something to look at, specially the fields and farms along the way. A sense of excitement was already forming up in my mind ( and also the hope that we don’t get lost as we did the first time we visited the venue ) knowing full well that a wonderful day was ahead of my team and myself. This was to be my first time photographing at the Grand State At Hidden Acres. The name truly speaks of this beautiful venue, it is indeed a hidden gem as you will see on the images throughout this blog.


As soon as we arrived at venue we began to work on the wedding prep. This is a personal favorite of mine. I always have fun photographing both the ladies and the gents as they get ready for action. This time it was extra special. I did mention that the word awesome will be overuse here, and I meant it. This venue was made to be incredible.



What made it even more incredible were the people I was about to photograph. I have had the pleasure of working with a good amount of great wedding parties this year but these guys were the most awesome ( and funny ) by far. I haven’t laughed like this in a while. The Ladies were a pleasure to work with and made my day a lot more easier and entertaining.




Bri looked spectacular on her wedding dress. I am honest believer that when a person is in love and finds the right partner in life, her/his soul shines like a star. This was def the case for my friend here. And of course I am a sucker for moments like this, most specially when her dad had the first look before the ceremony. Details like this are just plain beautiful and I am extremely thankful to have been there to photograph it.



And let us not forget about the gentleman of course! These guys were fun to work with, my friend, mentor and fellow photographer Matt took care of them and by these pictures you see, you can tell they had a blast. A little story here: when I saw this pool table on first visit here I immediately knew we had to  use it. I was a bit nervous of how this was gonna turn out but these shots speak for themselves here. We made history alright.



Eric was great and the rest of the guys were a fun bunch to work with. I love when I can see the bond of friendship between the Groom and the groomsmen. It’s a great feeling when you have you friends for special moments like this. Needless to say, it was a pleasure to have worked for and with them.



With the sun shinning outside, we were getting ready for the big ceremony. And as the guests were sitting and last minute preparations were made, I couldn’t stop smiling, knowing that a great memory was being created at this moment. I was extremely happy to be part of this.



And then the ceremony started. I believe excitement was in the atmosphere.



So many details to share! As you all probably know I love details! Trying to capture each one of them is a must for sure. Also this is the first wedding in which I have seen a priest wrapping the couples’ hand as a symbol of their faith and their love for one another. Like a said, details are awesome.




We generally have to travel to a different location for wedding portraits, not this time though. The word everything you needed was def apply on this venue. We didn’t have to walk far to find the perfect location for all our portraits. This place is a gem for any couple out there looking to have everything included in one package ( and also great for us vendors )



And let us not forget newly weds! I am praising the Lord for this two! Their images turned out excellent. I am truly happy that we were able to capture the love between them. And may this love always shine like a star in the sky.



Having finished all the portraits we needed, we headed out to the reception. I was extremely impressed with the staff at Hidden Acress, they did a great job setting this up.




And of course this couldn’t start properly without an amazing ( and funny ) entrance for everyone involve. I have had mentioned this guys are great and fun to work with and this images proves it 100 percent.



First dance as a newly couple. The Dance of Father and the new Bride, this are all the kind of significant moments that make any wedding special. Plus I love to capture all the subtle moments of both joy and Love. There is also of course the cutting of that beautiful looking cake.. and yes it was wonderful to taste.



And we can’t finish a great day like this without great speeches, dancing and the company of great friends!



I would like to thank everyone involve in making Bri & Eric’s wedding one to remember. My thanks goes also to both both Matt and Ashley my partners in crime and fellow photographer who helped me capture this entire day. But my deepest thanks goes to my Lord in heaven who in the end made all of this possible. Forever I will praise Him.

And to Bri and Eric, thank you for your trust and willingness to work with me. May you always cherish and remember this amazing day for all the years to come. Many blessings to both of you.