I love photographing seniors. They are so much fun to work with and not to mention, that you get a chance to help them remember that special time in which they were about to embark on the next adventure.



Marie was great to work with, from the moment I met her and her mom Sarah I knew this session was gonna be one of the best of the best. She is both fun and grounded in what she wants for the future.  This world isn’t ready for her, of that I am sure.



What I love about seniors is how energetic and genuine they are. The bible tells us that true character is born from youth, I can tell that this amazing young woman has a great future ahead of her but the character of her heart. Yep, she totally rocks.



Robin Hill is a such a perfect location for sessions like this. Don’t let the smallness of this place trick you. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the chance to photograph ( here I am praying for a wedding there soon!! ), the mood of the place and the time of the day ( yay Golden hour!! ) totally fitted Marie. This day could not have been more perfect.




And as the day draw to an end I could’t be any happier on how this session turned out. Perfect wouldn’t cover it. My biggest thanks to all who made this happen, to my Lord in heaven for a beautiful weather and a great atmosphere! To Marie’ mom Sarah, thank you for your presence there and your great input as well! ( a couple of poses here were her idea! ) and to my friends Liza and Nick Allison from Platinum Productions for the great referral. ( you guys totally rock! )



And a Special thanks to Erin for picking the kind of flower we needed! Couldn’t have done it without you either!