Friendships are awesome. There can be no mistake that when you find a core of people that likes you for who you are and will be there whenever you need it, you already know that these people will be your family and that you will have a long lasting friendship. This is the case for my dear friend Lois. She is one of my oldest friends here in Pittsburgh, when I found out she was getting hitched, I immediately told her I wanted to her wedding ( literally begged lol ) if she was looking for a photographer. Fortunately for me she was.



I have already met Erik a couple of months before their engagement, I also knew they were meant for each other. You may I asked how I knew about this but I believe these images will speak for themselves. Their love for each other is abound, full and pure, specially for people that said they were not photogenic ( if you follow this blog, you will know what I am talking about, I did in God’s grace, prove them wrong about this, they are awesome to photograph!! ).



I would like to mention and thank deeply my amazing couple and friends here for their flexibility and again for their awesomeness. If you read my previous blog about Kaitlin & Ian’s wedding you should know it would have been possible without these two. By allowing me to leave a few min early, they allowed to photograph another couple in need. Again, my thanks to both of you my friends!

So after an overnight stay at the Marriot Inn in Wexford, I was ready to head to this very uniquer wedding. I have never heard of the Crystal Conservatories before. Now as you all know I’m ready and down for any wedding adventure, most specially for a place I have never been, add on the top of that, the pool. Yes, the place had a pool. Now you understand why I was looking forward to this and to add even more uniqueness to this, my couple ( who are fans of both board games and Dr. Who) decided to add their own touch to it. Excellent isn’t enough of a word for this.



This was also my first time meeting the rest of Lois’s family and relatives, they are just as fun as she is. And as they were getting ready for the start of the ceremony the excitement was def in the air.



And then the time came in which they would begin their journey together. Been there for my friends truly made this wedding extra special. Friends are family to me and to be part of their happy day was true gift and blessing.



Lois looked beautiful on her wedding dress and of course Erik looked great and nervous =) and to be honest those small affections is what I thrive to photograph, small details everywhere make a wedding big. And as I said before they do awesome in front of the camera.



After the ceremony we found a great place for the both the wedding party and couple portraits. My thanks to all the wedding party members! You guys made my day easier and totally enjoyable.





And of course my beautiful couple looked radiant and amazing! Their Love for each other was truly amazing to photograph. I pray that their love will grow every day under the Lord’ watch.




After this off we went to brunch. That’s right. Brunch in a wedding! This was by far the most unique wedding I have had. Small weddings are always my favorite and this surpass all my expectations. From cutting the cake to seeing friends and family sharing this moment with both Lois and Erik.



Now, I have mentioned the pool before.. and yes there is one! You cannot imagine the possibilities and ideas that ran through my mind when I found this out. Unfortunately this photographer does not have the funds for underwater equipment.. but I always for a next time.. Nevertheless we did have fun!



My big thanks and blessings to both Lois and Erik for the opportunity to photograph their beautiful and unique wedding. My thanks to all who helped and were there to make this wedding and even greater experience.

And may this story never end. Here is to what the future may held.

 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. “

Proverbs 31:10