Family is a beautiful word. Without families, society could not be. Without family, we will never get our first glimpse of love as we enter this world, we would never have know what being safe is, without family, we would not be who we are now.

I am not a Father, parenthood to me is as unknown as the cosmos around this planet. I do look up however to people who know what that feels like. From God the Father to my own parents, I have seen the love and the sacrifice that was needed to help me become who I am now. Parenthood is a blessing.


So it is with a great joy in my heart that I share photoshoot of this amazing family. This story goes back 2 years ago. Andrew and Megan contacted me to shoot their wedding ( which was btw I was looking forward to, seriously who woudn’t say no when you hear the words ” wedding in a farm “) but unfortunately due some scheduling problems on my part I could not do it. The dream wedding had been missed but God is good and another chance was soon to come..



As Fate would have it we could not make time to meet and have a chance for a post photo shoot, truly I was extremely disappointed, you really don’t meet couples like this very often, so you do ( i hope ) understand my predicament. Worry not, it may took 2 years and beautiful child, but I was finally able to photograph them if not as Groom and Bride then as Mom and Dad.



I will always say this, when Jesus is the middle of everything you do, you will see Him there as well. The Love they feel for Asher, the way they teach him their first steps, the look they have for every little thing this amazing little man does will only remind me of the love of the great Father for us. Love like this cannot be fake or ignore.



So I ask you all, what makes a Family? Is it the Love they share for each other? Or the believe that they are creating something that was given since we were first created. Love for one another is a true testament of God’s love for humanity.


My biggest thanks to the Hubacher family again for allowing me to be a part of their lives and for the chance to record their amazing journey. And here is to Asher, for you are truly in good godly hands little man.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go;
Even when he is old he will not depart from it.